How to Build Your Fundraising Strategy in 2023

Featured, Webinar


Many charity professionals described 2022 as a year of testing, as we emerged from the early difficulties of the pandemic and embraced the challenges of the “new normal”. The fundraising techniques that worked in 2019, and even in 2020, have not necessarily been carried over to today, with charities needing to adapt to fluctuating donor expectations. 

The previous 12 months have brought their own challenges too: rising inflation, the cost-of-living crisis, and subsequent fears around a cost-of-giving crisis, in which donors become less able to give to the charities they support. Charities need to rise to those challenges in 2023 to maintain a reliable source of income during a time of increasing financial uncertainty for all.  

In this webinar, we explore the fundamentals of creating an optimal fundraising strategy for 2023, looking at new fundraising trends and methods and, most importantly, how to build the right ones into your work.  

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