How Data Can Inform Your 2022 & 2023 Planning

Featured, Webinar

Sensible charities are always looking ahead.  Proper planning can help organizations set better goals for the future, measure progress continuously, and adapt their strategy as needed to ensure they are achieving the best possible results. But first, you need the data to back it up.

In this webinar, Lisa Chomette, Business Development Manager at Charity Digital, talks through the fundamentals of using data to inform your planning, exploring, among other issues, what you need to fundraise with different types of donors and how to use the data that comes through your services to drive further impact. 

Backing up your plans with data is vital. It is impossible to set good targets without knowing first what has been achieved before. You cannot improve services if you don’t know how they are performing in the first place. And you cannot cater for your supporters if you don’t use the data to understand them.

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